AV Technology and Policy Center


The AV Technology and Policy Center (ACE center) serves as a nexus point for collaborative research on  developing innovative transdisciplinary solutions for vehicle automation, connectivity, and edge intelligence (ACE), aiming to create a sustainable and equitable mobility ecosystem.

By trailblazing a convergent approach to integrate AV technology and policy, the ACE center will make fundamental breakthroughs in policy-compliant technology innovation for safety and sustainability and  accelerate the adoption of AVs (including passenger cars, fleet of trucks and buses, EVs, and UAVs) at scale.

The ACE center accentuates collaboration between universities,  industry, national labs, federal and state agencies, and local stakeholders, offering a wide range of expertise, including edge AI for vehicle automation,  sustainability and safety standards for L4/L5 technology and adoption, travel behavioral  modeling for AV adoption, mobility equity, ultra-low latency V2V/V2X connectivity, multi-modal sensing and data fusion, cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems, and data privacy and cybersecurity.